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Why study quantum physics?

Here’s why I began studying quantum physics. I wondered: How does this universe work? What underlies molecules and atoms? How is reality created? Quantum physics is part of the answer—a huge part. But the trouble is, physicists don’t understand how quantum particles create the solid objects that our senses perceive. After all, quantum particles are just …

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What is the relationship between quantum physics and consciousness?

Some of the basic principles of quantum physics fit well with the Buddhist and New Age ideas that physical matter and energy arise from consciousness. However, there is also a misunderstanding of the relationship of quantum physics and consciousness (in regard to the notion of an “observer”) that I will address later in this answer. …

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What is the difference between theoretical quantum physics and experimental quantum physics?

Short answer: Theoretical physics is one of two branches of physics: theoretical and experimental. Like almost all other types of physics, quantum physics has both a theoretical physics branch and an experimental physics branch. Explanation: Experimental physicists do experiments to find out how accurately physics theories describe the real world. For example, they shoot atoms …

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