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  • Law of Conservation of EnergyThe Law of Conservation of Energy says that the amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant. Energy cannot be(...) Read More
  • Law of Conservation of MatterThe Law of Conservation of Matter was abandoned as inaccurate by physicists early in the 1900’s. For more information, see(...) Read More
  • linear momentumLinear momentum is the oomph something has due to having mass that’s in motion. If a football player were to ram into a(...) Read More
  • lines of force“Lines of force” can best be explained with an illustration. The photo shows the lines of magnetic force created with a(...) Read More
  • localityIn everyday life, we assume the principle of locality. Here’s the principle of locality: Causing an effect on an object or(...) Read More
  • local realism[This article is under construction.] Local realism is a quick way of saying two principles: 1) Principle of locality:(...) Read More
  • logicalLogical reasoning is reasoning that draws conclusions based on correct understanding of relationships. Here are examples of(...) Read More