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  • Tesla
    A Tesla is a unit for measuring the strength of magnetism in any particular location. A Tesla is approximately the strength(...) - Read More
  • theoretical physics
    Theoretical physics is one of two branches of physics: theoretical and experimental. Like almost all other types of physics,(...) - Read More
  • torque
    For torque, see “moment of force.” - Read More
  • true randomness
    See entry for quantum randomness. - Read More
  • w

  • wave
    A wave is a movement that propagates through a medium. The accompanying animation demonstrates the motion of a seismic wave,(...) - Read More
  • wave equation
    This article starts with the nature of wave equations in classical physics and moves into a brief description of the(...) - Read More
  • wave frequency
    See frequency. - Read More
  • wave function
    A wave function, in quantum mechanics, is an equation. It describes the behavior of quantum particles, usually electrons.(...) - Read More
  • wave function collapse
    See article collapse of the wave function. 

      - Read More

  • waveform
    The waveform is the shape of a wave. Below is a graph on paper of a waveform representing the sound waves created by blowing(...) - Read More
  • wavefunction
    See wave function. - Read More
  • wavefunction collapse
    See article collapse of the wave function.  - Read More
  • wavelength
    Wavelength is a property of waves. It is the distance from wave crest to wave crest. Or from trough to trough—same distance.(...) - Read More
  • π

  • π
    See entry for pi. - Read More