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  • probability amplitude
    “Probability amplitude” is a term used in quantum physics. It’s a number that appears in Schrodinger’s Wave Equation. Let’s(...) - Read More
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  • QFT
    See Quantum Field Theory. - Read More
  • quantities of dimension one
    For “quantities of dimension one,” see “dimensionless number.” - Read More
  • quantum
    One definition of “quantum” is: a tiny packet of energy at the atomic level. A quantum is the smallest possible unit of(...) - Read More
  • quantum angular momentum
    For quantum angular momentum, see angular momentum. - Read More
  • quantum decoherence
    For quantum decoherence, see  decoherence. - Read More
  • quantum entanglement
    What is quantum entanglement? {This article is under construction.] 

    In quantum physics, if two particles are entangled,(...) - Read More

  • Quantum Field Theory
    Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is the current theory of how atomic and subatomic particles behave. It is the most up-to-date(...) - Read More
  • quantum mechanics
    In quantum mechanics, physicists study how tiny particles behave. These include atoms, the components of atoms like(...) - Read More
  • quantum number
    Electrons have a few handfuls of properties. Four have been selected as the electron’s “quantum numbers.” The quantum(...) - Read More
  • quantum physics
    For an understanding of quantum physics, see the definition of "quantum mechanics." Often, the two terms are used to mean(...) - Read More
  • quantum randomness
    Many quantum physicists view quantum mechanics as differing from classical physics in a fundamental way—quantum mechanics is(...) - Read More
  • quantum spin
    See "spin." - Read More
  • quantum theory
    “Quantum theory” is the original name for the field that became known as “quantum mechanics" (which see). The connotations(...) - Read More
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  • random
    In classical physics, events are random only due to insufficient information. Let’s take the example of a coin toss. With an(...) - Read More
  • renormalization
    Renormalization is a technique for achieving greater precision in certain physics theories.* In quantum mechanics,(...) - Read More
  • rotational momentum
    Rotational momentum is the same thing as “angular momentum.” It is the momentum or oomph that an object has when it rotates(...) - Read More
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  • scanning tunneling microscope
    A scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is a type of electron microscope. It is much more powerful than an ordinary microscope(...) - Read More
  • Schrodinger's Cat Experiment
    [This article is under construction.]

    The Schrodinger Cat(...) - Read More

  • singularity
    “Singularity” has a physics definition and a mathematical definition. Both definitions are given here. They fit together(...) - Read More